The craziest Mormon belief is that in violation of the Book of Mormon which blasts polygamy as abominable even by the “men of old” back in Jerusalem. It doesn’t matter who practices it or when, it hasĀ always been an abomination.

And anyone who thinks their “whoremongering” can be justified due to men of old that practiced it, then they misunderstand the scriptures. Polygamy is the craziest belief and the men that went for it were “carnally minded” and the women were suppressed and stupid to believe in this spiritual slavery by lustful men.

God warned Joseph Smith against “his carnal desires” or he would fall and he did! (Jacob 2, 3 & D&C 3:1-11). Luckily, Joseph Smith started to repent as researched by D. Michael Quinn before he was murdered by Willard Richards (had a gun under his heavy coat ~ only one to wear a coat) for top Mason evil money changer Brigham Young.

By: Karen