When I stopped going to church, I truly, truly, believed I was going to be punished by God and something bad was going to happen to me.  I waited for it.  My dad had even told me I was going to be cursed!  That made it even worse. Well a few years went by with no incident and one day it dawned on me that nothing had happened and I really couldn’t believe it!  I was so convinced of this fact that I just couldn’t wrap my brain around why nothing had happened!

Just recently I was thinking back to that time in my life and wondering where that fear had come from.  Was it taught to me in church?  Was it just my own guilt eating at me?   Shortly after that I was flipping through my old BoM trying to find something and I came across a scripture in Mosiah (I believe it was).  This page was heavily highlighted with notes all over the place.  It basically said that God would put a “stumbling block” before you if you didn’t follow in God’s path.  And if you did follow God he would take away the stumbling blocks before you.  In the margin I had written “You will be punished if you don’t do what you’re supposed to and if you do, God will make your life easier.”  It was something to that effect.

Unbelievable that I believed such hog-wash!

By: Kari