According to Articles of Faith, by LDS Apostle James E Talmadge, the Ten Tribes will return within the lifetimes of those then living (1916).  He claims that the Ten Tribes are living “somewhere” and that they will return out of the “North.”  The Doctrine and Covenants says that they will create a bridge across the waters out of the North and return to America to help the Mormons and the City of Enoch (yes, it is going to land back on Earth too) rebuild Zion. See D&C 110:11 and 133:26

Speculation varies as to where the Ten Tribes are now.  The LDS apologist Rodney Cluff expounds his theory that the Earth is hollow and that the Ten Tribes are chilling down there with Atlantis and Nazi fugitives.  The occasionally visit the surface and that explains UFOs.  See

Joseph Smith taught that the City of Enoch is whizzing around in the Solar System somewhere, but it is at such an angle that telescopes can’t see it. See “Recollections of the Prophet Joseph Smith.”  The Juvenile Instructor. June 1, 1892, Vol. 27. p. 34.

Other LDS leaders revealed that the planet with the Ten Tribes is going to “be restored” and land on the North Pole and then split the Arctic Sea so that they can come back to Zion.  See Wilford Woodruff’s Journal for September 8, 1857.


By: Captain Moroni