Mormons believe a con artist is a prophet who found golden plates in NY

Mormon beliefs were started by Joseph Smith, a convicted con artist, from Palmyra, New York, who allegedly found golden plates, which he translated to become the Book of Mormon.  He claimed in 18 + different accounts 18 different reasons for finding the plates, but the official church reason is that God the father, who has a body of flesh and bones, told  him all churches were an abomination and he must restore the true gospel.  A few years later, before completing the translation, but after this alleged first vision, Joseph Smith joined one of these abominable churches.  Why would he do that?

When someone stole his first translation, he was unable to retranslate it again, and instead provided a “different version” because “God told him to” after a 6 month + hiatus from translating.  Nobody has ever “seen the plates” except with their “spiritual eyes.”  Also a single artifact or scientific evidence verifying the Book of Mormon has never been found.

Joseph Smith also started his own army and declared himself king of the world.  Narcissim much?

By: Janice


ABC Nightline Mormon Temple Secret Handshakes

A clip from ABC News


Polygamy is still doctrinal in heaven and included in LDS scripture

See D&C 132


God the Father has multiple wives

God the Father has multiple wives with which he raises a spiritual family to populate the universe.

He love his Chinese wife the most.
By: Anonymous


Beer is prohibited even though it is scripturally allowed

(D&C 89:17)

“…and barley for all useful animals, and for mild drinks, as also other grain” Beer was openly consumed in Utah by Mormons until Prohibition made it unpopular and the practice ceased.


Church History

For obvious reasons, the church is endlessly embarrassed by its’ history. To counter the embarrassment they actively work to revise, fine tune and diavow past teachings and practices while maintaining their claim to be the “one and only true church” due to the fact that, ever since Joseph Smith, all the doctrine has come through direct revelation to the Prophet from God himself.

Astonishingly, these deceptions and the claims are all made with a solemn and earnest look on their faces.

By: Xposit


Missionaries are not allowed to ever leave their mission partners side for the two years they are away.