Dark skin is a curse from God for unrighteousness

Black skin is a result of having not been “valiant” enough in the pre-existence, which was the basis for denying Black people full fellowship in the church until 1978. Native Americans also are cursed with a dark skin because of their (or their ancestors’) unrighteousness, but can become “white and delightsome” if they become righteous. Mormons don’t mention this much, but it is still in the Book of Mormon (look in the index for “skin” “dark” and “black”).

By: Richard


Two LDS Elders or Missionaries will stand and protect the city of Jerusalem during Armageddon

As spoken of in Revelations and D&C 77:15


The Three Nephites

The three Nephites were granted immortality by Jesus when he visited America. Their most common exploit in Mormon folklore is mysteriously showing up to change flat tires for stranded Mormons. Clearly this is an important enough reason to have immortality.

By: Molly


Mormon Temple rituals exposed

By: Reed


Providing Bodies

By having a lot of children you are providing bodies for spirits waiting to come down to earth.  It is like a line at Walmart at Christmas.  People lined up everywhere waiting for their turn on the earth.  This push to provide bodies for spirits seems to be changing.  Where are the big Mormon families these days?  Big now seems to be four children….maybe there aren’t so many spirits waiting now.  Maybe the express check out line in heaven finally got opened up and most everyone has checked out of the pre-existence?

By: Ladyinthehat


All saints are to return to Missouri before the final arrival of Jesus for the Second Coming

Some believe this exodus back to Missouri would be on foot.


Church History

For obvious reasons, the church is endlessly embarrassed by its’ history. To counter the embarrassment they actively work to revise, fine tune and diavow past teachings and practices while maintaining their claim to be the “one and only true church” due to the fact that, ever since Joseph Smith, all the doctrine has come through direct revelation to the Prophet from God himself.

Astonishingly, these deceptions and the claims are all made with a solemn and earnest look on their faces.

By: Xposit