Black people

Black people sat on the fence during the war in heaven.

By: rippinsteo


Give everything you have

When going through the temple, you make a covenant to give your time, talent, and everything you have or ever will have to the church.

By: trish


Each Mormon Temple contains a replica of Heaven

The Celestial Kingdom is replicated in a room that is all white with beautiful upholstered furniture and chandeliers.  It depicts what this top level of heaven is supposed to look like.  How do they know?

By: Fred Karger


Missionaries are not allowed to ever leave their mission partners side for the two years they are away.


Moroni Dedicated Manti Temple Plot

This is one of the crazy beliefs.  I don’t know if it’s the craziest, but it defies reason.

Supposedly, the last Nephite prophet Moroni, took a little jaunt, presumably on foot, over to Utah, from New York or Mesoamerica, and dedicated a small hill as a place where a temple of the Lord would be built.

The people of Manti, Utah, where the temple now stands, believe this so strongly that they have a large bronze statue built in their town, with a large plaque telling the story about Moroni and temple hill, as if it were a factual event.  They also have the Manti pageant, and tens of thousands of Mormons from Utah, Nevada, Arizona and other parts of the region come to Manti to celebrate, among other things, that event.


By: James



There’s a whole set of Mormon underwear (they call them ‘temple garments” I’d like to know a whole lot more about, but Mormi seem pretty embarrassed and it’s hard to get the straight dope.


1) Do men and women both wear them? are they cut differently for different bodies?


2) Are they ever allowed to take them off? for sports? for going swimming? during sex?


5) Do people have several pairs and change them every day?


6) Can you also wear gentile underwear?


7) does the church make money selling them to you?


By: Alain


Dark skin is a curse from God for unrighteousness

Black skin is a result of having not been “valiant” enough in the pre-existence, which was the basis for denying Black people full fellowship in the church until 1978. Native Americans also are cursed with a dark skin because of their (or their ancestors’) unrighteousness, but can become “white and delightsome” if they become righteous. Mormons don’t mention this much, but it is still in the Book of Mormon (look in the index for “skin” “dark” and “black”).

By: Richard