Providing Bodies

By having a lot of children you are providing bodies for spirits waiting to come down to earth.  It is like a line at Walmart at Christmas.  People lined up everywhere waiting for their turn on the earth.  This push to provide bodies for spirits seems to be changing.  Where are the big Mormon families these days?  Big now seems to be four children….maybe there aren’t so many spirits waiting now.  Maybe the express check out line in heaven finally got opened up and most everyone has checked out of the pre-existence?

By: Ladyinthehat


Mormons believe Jesus Christ saved them from their sins!

In the Book of Mormon, an ancient prophet named Alma said that Jesus Christ would “take upon him the sins of his people, that he might blot out their transgressions according to the power of deliverance…”

They sound just like the Christians!

By: michael


Why spend so much time picking on the Mormons?

You know what’s really crazy about Mormons? They spend so much time and energy trying to help one another and even non-mormons as well. They learn true morals and values and unlike other Christian religions, they are expected to live these morals and values. They are taught that alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs are harmful. Who knew? The Mormon church donates millions of dollars to humanitarian projects and disasters. Practicing Mormons are generally more happy and honest than other people too. How crazy is that? Also, Mormons are taught to pray and ask God himself if the things they teach are true so the individual can know for him or herself. This is why practicing Mormons are so faithful because they gained a testimony from prayer and weren’t just indoctrinated. Wow, they are crazy!!! Also, there is no paid clergy in the Mormon church so the money can be used for better things than making the religion a business venture, unlike other faiths. Mormons take church jobs because they truly believe in what they are doing and not for financial gain…again crazy! You know what’s craziest of all…..this belief will never make it on this website because it’s all true and every anti-mormon knows it!

By: Page


The Church is the biggest land owner in many cities not just in Utah

…but in places like Tucson, AZ.

Women in heaven

Move over Saint Peter, a woman can’t get into heaven unless her husband lets her in and once there, she will get to be eternally pregnant with billions of spirit children.

By: rippinsteo


Heavenly Mother

That there is a “Heavenly Mother” but we are not allowed to know about her, her name, what her purpose is, because we would then be able to disavow her, take her name in vain, etc.

By: Alison


Give everything you have

When going through the temple, you make a covenant to give your time, talent, and everything you have or ever will have to the church.

By: trish