The Planet Kolob

The planet Kolob and the song about it.

Kolob is a star or planet described in Mormon scripture. Reference to Kolob is found in the Book of Abraham, a work published by Latter Day Saint (LDS) prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. According to this work, Kolob is the heavenly body nearest to the throne or residence of God. While the Book of Abraham refers to Kolob as a “star”,[1] it also refers to planets as stars,[2] and therefore, some LDS commentators consider Kolob to be a planet.[3] Other Latter Day Saints (commonly referred to as Mormons) consider Kolob to be a Christian metaphor.

Kolob has never been identified with any modern astronomical object and is not recognized as an ancient concept by modern Egyptology. Kolob is rarely discussed in modern LDS religious contexts, but it is periodically a topic of discussion in criticism of Mormonism. The idea also appears within LDS culture, and there is a LDS hymn about it. Kolob is also the inspiration for the planet Kobol within the Battlestar Galactica universe, created by Glen A. Larson, a Mormon.[4][5]

By: Jeannie


Why spend so much time picking on the Mormons?

You know what’s really crazy about Mormons? They spend so much time and energy trying to help one another and even non-mormons as well. They learn true morals and values and unlike other Christian religions, they are expected to live these morals and values. They are taught that alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs are harmful. Who knew? The Mormon church donates millions of dollars to humanitarian projects and disasters. Practicing Mormons are generally more happy and honest than other people too. How crazy is that? Also, Mormons are taught to pray and ask God himself if the things they teach are true so the individual can know for him or herself. This is why practicing Mormons are so faithful because they gained a testimony from prayer and weren’t just indoctrinated. Wow, they are crazy!!! Also, there is no paid clergy in the Mormon church so the money can be used for better things than making the religion a business venture, unlike other faiths. Mormons take church jobs because they truly believe in what they are doing and not for financial gain…again crazy! You know what’s craziest of all…..this belief will never make it on this website because it’s all true and every anti-mormon knows it!

By: Page



There’s a whole set of Mormon underwear (they call them ‘temple garments” I’d like to know a whole lot more about, but Mormi seem pretty embarrassed and it’s hard to get the straight dope.


1) Do men and women both wear them? are they cut differently for different bodies?


2) Are they ever allowed to take them off? for sports? for going swimming? during sex?


5) Do people have several pairs and change them every day?


6) Can you also wear gentile underwear?


7) does the church make money selling them to you?


By: Alain


Mormons believe a con artist is a prophet who found golden plates in NY

Mormon beliefs were started by Joseph Smith, a convicted con artist, from Palmyra, New York, who allegedly found golden plates, which he translated to become the Book of Mormon.  He claimed in 18 + different accounts 18 different reasons for finding the plates, but the official church reason is that God the father, who has a body of flesh and bones, told  him all churches were an abomination and he must restore the true gospel.  A few years later, before completing the translation, but after this alleged first vision, Joseph Smith joined one of these abominable churches.  Why would he do that?

When someone stole his first translation, he was unable to retranslate it again, and instead provided a “different version” because “God told him to” after a 6 month + hiatus from translating.  Nobody has ever “seen the plates” except with their “spiritual eyes.”  Also a single artifact or scientific evidence verifying the Book of Mormon has never been found.

Joseph Smith also started his own army and declared himself king of the world.  Narcissim much?

By: Janice


Women in heaven

Move over Saint Peter, a woman can’t get into heaven unless her husband lets her in and once there, she will get to be eternally pregnant with billions of spirit children.

By: rippinsteo


Tell Mormon secrets? Be disemboweled!


Just before being married in the Salt Lake City temple, my mother went through the endowment ceremony.  In that ceremony, she…like millions of others–endured the gorey pantomime of saying out loud that her neck would be slashed and she would be disembowled–her guts spread out on the earth.

By: Reed


Polygamy STILL practiced!

Mormons often claim that they have abandoned the actual practice of polygamy. But a Mormon man can still be married for eternity (“sealed”) to more than one wife, if his first wife dies or if they divorce. At least two of the present-day apostles are sealed to more than one wife, and have publicly acknowledged that they are looking forward to being with both of them in heaven. And polygamy is still commanded in their scriptures, Doctrine & Covenants section 132 (which you can read at the church website www.lds.org).

By: Richard